MaSaI Developer


MaSaI Developer is the only tool required by setup/installation developers wanting to create Windows installation programs for their applications. Easy to use, yet containing all the features required by setup developers it is the answer to your installation woes no matter how complication your solution may be.

MaSaI Editor

Features Include:

  • Contains all the features of MaSaI Editor required by setup developers, including the graphical user interface, advanced table editor and different build and compression options.
  • Custom action editor, allows you to create any type of custom action through this interface and add them to your sequence. Easily set the processing type, execution and scheduling.
  • Easy modification of the event sequencing by using arrows or adding and removing events.
  • Dialog Editor – modifies your dialogs and add your company branding to them. Alternatively start from scratch and create your own.
  • Dialog Sequencing – change the sequencing of your dialogs or add/remove them using a simple tree view and drag and drop.
  • Create a bootstrapping executable for your msi with the ability to make it self extracting.
  • Check and install, if necessary, the windows installer runtimes from the bootstrapper.
  • Tool to extract CAB files from existing msi’s
  • Extract COM information from files in your project.
  • Recycle bin – allows you to reintroduce any deleted rows.
  • Comes with 6 months of free upgrades and email support.
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