MaSaI Editor

The most advanced and intuitive FREE graphical Windows Installer setup program creator and editor. Used by software developers, setup engineers and software packagers worldwide it is a tool no one working with msi’s should be without.
MaSaI Editor

Features include:

  • Intuitive Graphical Interface to add and edit files, registry entries, shortcuts, merge modules, ini files entries, odbc data sources, drivers and translators, environment variables, services and service controls.
  • Component and Features are displayed in a tree view allowing easy drag and drop of resources between them.
  • Table Editor allows direct editing of msi tables, contains drop down lists in child tables and allows navigation from parent rows to child rows (great for viewing files in a particular component for instance). Also contains a resizing tool.
  • Compresses files either internally (inside the msi file), externally in a cab file, or leaves them uncompressed.
  • Projects can be validated and errors are displayed in the output window allowing click through to tables.
  • Allows multiple projects to be opened at any time, allowing easy cut and paste of rows between msi’s, and comparisons.
  • Allows two ways of loading the project, all at the start, or as the table is required (great for small changes in large projects).
  • Create your own templates to use when creating multiple setup projects.
  • Repackage software by doing before and after scans.
  • Maintain and edit exclusion lists for repackaging.
  • Repackage by monitoring rather than using scans.
  • Create transforms for your msi’s using the transform editor.
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