MaSaI Repackager


MaSaI Repackager is the professional packaging tool for system administrators and software packagers. Intuitive, powerful and intelligent, it has been designed by software packagers to meet the needs of software packagers.
Features include:

MaSaI Editor

  • Contains all the features of MaSaI Editor, and MaSaI Developer.
    Repackage on any machine – allows you to designate one machine as your development machine which can be used to run Repackages which are done on other ‘foreign’ machines. This clean machine can be rebuilt between scans and requires no client installation as MaSaI will connect and scan remotely.
  • Further options are provided to customize your Repackaging process, such as searching for modules and suppression of the add/remove files/registry entries. This allows the whole project to be saved, built and necessary merge modules added, in one easy step.
  • Convert registry table entries to COM table entries and back again.
  • Merge Module maker – create merge modules from any files in your project.
  • XML support – export your project as an XML file or load your project from an XML file.
  • Permissions Interface – easily add permissions to files, directory and registry entries in your project through this interface.
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